Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Flag Day, June 14th

Flag Day, is a day for all Americans to celebrate and show respect for our flag, it's designers and makers. Our flag is representative of our independence and our unity as a nation.....one nation, under God, indivisible. Our flag has a proud and glorious history. It was at the lead of every battle fought by Americans. Many people have died protecting it. It even stands proudly on the surface of the moon.

As Americans, we have every right to be proud of our culture, our nation, and our flag. So raise the flag today and every day with pride!

Fitting for this special day, I have a letter I'd like to post from a friend. Don is a Great American.. and I hope you will join with us in spreading the word.

Dear friends!

Occasionally an event of such historic proportions forces you to stand up and take action. The purpose of this correspondence is to make all aware of my unrelenting pursuit in having the American flag that was pulled from the rubble of the twin towers, two days after September 11th 2001, and have it honorably displayed in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C..

I am good friends with Port Authority Police Officer Curt Kellinger, who had rescued that flag from destruction and took it to the funerals of his fallen comrades, to Yankee Stadium for the 2001 World Series, to the Super Bowl, and the 2002 Olympics. It was given national and international coverage, seen by billions of viewers worldwide and marked an end of innocence in our country.

Now that flag lies in obscurity in some Port Authority bureaucrat’s office. This I feel is a disservice. It must be prominently displayed, so we 'never forget' now or generations from now.

That flag deserves the same patriotic distinction as the flag that flew over Fort McHenry in the war of 1812; known forever as our Star Spangled banner, or the flag that was raised on Iwo Jima, or the flag over the Arizona memorial in Oahu, Hawaii, or the flag at Tranquility Base on the lunar surface of the moon. All these flags, were the stars and stripes of steadfastness, and this flag is no different.

I am requesting that President Bush, by executive order, have this 'symbol of resolve' enshrined forever in the Smithsonian Institution.

Congressmen make U.S. Flags that have been flown over the U.S. Capitol available for constituents. Will you crusade to save the flag I aforementioned?

Will you help me make this endeavor come true, and share this memorable flag with our deserving American public? Please email, write and call your elected representatives, and assist me in making this a reality. God bless you and the United States of America.

My best to you all always.

Don from Lake Ronkonkoma