Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Now... Imagine that you live in a state that has a very large surplus of revenue. "How large?" you might ask.

Quite large would be the answer. Let's say this state collected more than $2 billion in tax revenues in April, setting a record for the most money collected in a month by that particular government. Ten months into the current fiscal year, the state has collected $1 billion more in revenue than expected. Even though some of the surplus will likely be spent prior to the end of the fiscal year, June 30th, the state will have hundreds of millions of dollars in surplus.

"Wow" just might be your answer.

But another question just hangs out there... "What do you do with this surplus?"

This is what is happening in Massachusetts right now. After seeing the revenues in April, Governor Romney immediately called on the Legislature to reduce the income tax to 5 percent, citing the revenue numbers as evidence the state collects more money than it needs.

"We as a state can afford to honor the will of the voters and return their tax rate to 5 percent," Romney said.

The state can reduce the income tax from 5.3 percent to 5 percent and not cut services. The state is expected to finish this fiscal year with more than the $230 million needed to cover the first year of an income tax cut.

So how did the Democrats respond?

During the House budget debate two weeks ago, some Democrats claimed there was no state surplus. The House Democrats defeated an amendment to reduce the income tax to 5 percent. The Democrats technically voted to study the issue, but let's face it... basically they killed the legislation.

Many Democrats are making false claims that economy is not good and that our state cannot afford to give us this very small tax cut. They couldn't be more wrong. Our strong tax revenues and our consistently solid job growth shows a strong economy.. not the opposite.

So what do the Dems propose?

Why.. SPEND IT, of course!

They have come up with some doozies...

Democrats propose plenty of frivolous spending while refusing to cut waste. They refused to merge the Turnpike and MassHighway and spend the $190 million savings on toll relief.

But here is what they want to spend our surplus on:

  1. Tuition breaks for illegal immigrants.
  2. Pay raises for favored State House employees (so-called "court officers" who hold the doors open in the House and Senate chambers).
  3. Hiring a "state geologist".


Oh, I'm sorry... You're right. Those really are very important things. I mean, my goodness... what would those illegal immigrants do without those tuition breaks?? It's just heart-breaking.

I don't know what I am complaining about. It's obvious that these Democrats know exactly what they are doing and I should just go back to my lower Western corner of the state and hush.


If this doesn't anger every single resident of Massachusetts.. then you need to have your head examined! This is our money that they are spending. A HUGE surplus of our money!!

You do have a say... open your mouth and use it, open your email and send it, pick up your telephone and call someone... Don't just sit on your butt and take it.

Contact your State Representatives and Senator. Send a letter to the editor of your local paper or contact your local talk radio show.

You can make a difference.