Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Panic in D.C.? Well, that's time to eat for Teddy!

I'm sure we all remember when just about a week ago, a plane crossed over into restricted airspace in Washington D.C. The plane was reported to be 90 seconds ( 3 miles) from the White House.

This caused some panicking and a mass exodus from Capitol Hill. We've heard reports of how Hillary calmly exited.. but what about some of the other senators? What about ole Teddy?

While panic gripped much of Capitol Hill in the wake of yesterday's security scare, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy opted for salad and some ice tea.

As thousands of startled lawmakers and staffers rushed to evacuate the Capitol, Kennedy (D-Mass.) coolly mapped his own private escape route to The Monocle, a clubby restaurant favored by pols and lobbyists for decades.

The 73-year-old senator, who had been on the Senate floor when the alarms sounded shortly before noon, calmly strolled a few blocks to the famed restaurant where he dined with a few other senators and staffers until the crisis abated, a Kennedy aide said.

-Andrew Miga BostonHerald.com

It's nice to know that when there is a crisis in Washington... that our illustrious senator has his priorities right. FOOD first!

Granted, this was not truly a crisis. The plane crossed into restricted airspace due to veteran pilot and his companion, who was working towards his pilot license, not paying close enough attention to where they were. But it could have been more serious. Kennedy did not know at that time what was going on.

But, hey... he was hungry. Guess I should cut him a break.